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Montana photo booth rentals

Thank you for helping to fight Montana wildfires

Pixelated Gigs is a proud supporter of Fire Relief Effort for Northwest Montana, a 501(c)(3) charity. To find out more and donate directly please visit them by clicking below, and don't forget to #MakeItRainMT


What does #MakeItRainMT mean?

Not only does Montana desperately need rain, but countless Montanan's are in need of help. Don't be afraid to make it rain with your donations, and hopefully we can all bring a little relief to the current situation!

Live In Lakeside benefit concert

Pixelated is proud to be a part of the Live In Lakeside benefit concert, donating the GLOW booth to help encourage donations while allowing people to take stellar photos. With the GLOW booth's social sharing features built right in photos are instantly shared to social media sites. The social footprint of the photo then helps to increase exposure of the charity and it's fundraiser - awesome photos while spreading the word, it's a win-win!

To find out more about GLOW and see what it can do for your event click below.

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