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Montana photo booth rentals

Digital sharing with a minimal footprint, GLOW captures all of the best moments and shares them instantly.

A lightweight alternative to our classic photo booths, GLOW is jam-packed with features to keep the party rocking. 


GLOW was designed from the ground up to be incredibly user-friendly. From the super simple set up, to the welcome screen that begs you to take a photo, and the multitude of oh-so-simple ways to share your photos, GLOW is your new best (and most social) friend.

Photo by Kelly Kirksey


After taking a series of photos, GLOW gives you options to add filters and share your photo or Boomerang video via text message or email.


Your pictures are instantly uploaded to the online gallery, where you can download, or share them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


With all day rentals, you have tons of time to capture all sorts of shenanigans. 


Click on the photos below to check out some of the GIFs and photo strips to see how much fun GLOW adds to the party!



How do I get my pictures? Does the booth print?

GLOW does not print pictures, but produces highly shareable, digital content that can be shared infinitely via text or email. All photos will also be hosted on a custom online gallery for guests to re-download or share at any time. 

How do I get the booth? 

GLOW is a pick up and drop off style rental, where you pick it up from us in Kalispell, MT, set it up at your event, have a blast, and return it the following day. We also offer setup and delivery for an additional cost. 

Wait...l have to set up a photobooth? 

Yes! And it's so easy, we even had our grandma do it. GLOW's entire setup is contained in a 26" x 26" x 15" rolling hard case which can fit in the backseat or trunk of a car. It weighs 62 pounds in the case, so we recommend that you find a friend to help you lift it. GLOW takes about 15 minutes to set up and comes with step-by-step instructions (with pictures). We're only a phone call away if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Is there a security deposit?

Although GLOW is a durable guy, we do require a $500 security deposit to ensure he makes it home unscathed and ready for the next adventure. 

Can I use GLOW for a brand activation or company event?

Only if you want huge exposure, and are looking to propel your brand into outer space, (YES)! Because GLOW is based on digital sharing, your brand will be exposed ten-fold every time a user shares their photo to their social networks.

Is a backdrop included?

No, but you can rent one of ours for an additional charge. We do require delivery and setup to be added so that we can set the backdrop up for you. We also encourage you to get creative, craft a backdrop yourself, or find a super cool wall to serve as a background! 

Are props included?

No, but we do offer hilarious digital props as an add-on option. Digital props use face detection to place goofy hats, glasses, beards, and more over guests faces. 


What are the power requirements? 

GLOW requires a standard three-prong outlet to plug into. You must have a power outlet within 10 feet of the booth, or provide your own extension cord. If no power is available, we offer an external battery pack for an additional charge. 

What if my venue doesn't have WiFi?

No worries. GLOW come with built in WiFi (subject to available LTE network connectivity). In the event that both WiFi and a cellular connection are unavailable, GLOW will continue to take photos, but sending will be delayed until it is connected to internet upon it's return to us. 

How much space is needed to set up GLOW? 

The ideal space is at least 6' x 6', but it can fit into smaller spaces as well. GLOW's footprint is roughly 2' x 2' and should be positioned about 4 feet away from any backdrop being used. You must have a power outlet within 10 feet of the booth, or provide your own extension cord. 


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