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Montana photo booth rentals


Curious to see what things look like from your guests point of view? Put them in control of the action with our #Printstation

In mere seconds, they can be holding their own masterpiece shot straight from their smartphone.

Pure wizardry. 


Ok, this is beyond simple. Everyone and their dog has a smartphone, and no one can deny they love a good photo of themselves.


Take a cool pic with your smartphone. Spice it up with a filter if you desire. How about Valencia? No...Hefe. The Hefe filter looks great on you.


Once you have the perfect shot, upload the photo to Instagram or Twitter and tag it with the special #EventHashtag.


Job well done. Pat yourself on the back. We can take it from here.


Once you've hashtagged your photo, our crazy cool software magically finds your stylish selfie and prints it instantly, but not before adding the event branding or logo to make it look that much better.


You then strut over to the #Printstation and collect your printed masterpiece. If the mood carries you, shake it like a Polaroid picture for effect.


Find some more friends and do it all over again. Print those pretty pictures like it's going out of style.


Check out some of the photos below to see how people are utilizing the #Printstation and how generally amazing it is.



So, how does this work exactly?

Magic. And hashtags. You take a photo on your phone, and upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the chosen event hashtag (i.e. #NiceStache). Our wicked rad software then instantly prints your hashtagged photo, and can even display it on a slideshow!

Can we use any Plain Jane hashtag?

Yes and no. You want it to be event specific to make sure you are only collecting your guests photos from the event. That means that something generic like #MyBirthday is a bad idea, but #AliTurns21 is a much better alternative. No need to worry, our team will gladly help you find a #gooder.

My Dad's never heard of 'The Instagram'. Is there any other way to print guest's photos?

You betcha! The #Printstation is very social, and has it's own phone number that guests can text the photos directly to! They print out just like the hashtagged version, but without a user name or comments.

Why don't we just text all of the photos directly to the #Printstation?

There is huge marketing potential when it comes to using the #Printstation to promote a brand or product.  When guests use social media to upload their photo, they are also sharing your branded hashtag with their entire network, opening your brand up to an incredibly wide audience.

Can we display a slideshow of all of the photos on a big screen?

Totally! The guest's photos can be displayed in real time on a TV, projector screen, or anything else you can think of! (Prices vary). Custom branding and design can also make this a great way to add even more interest and interaction.

What if someone posts a photo we don't want displayed?

We moderate the photos during the event, and can quickly delete an unexpected picture from being displayed in the gallery or slideshow. However, we can not delete the photo from the guest's Instagram or Twitter account, or prohibit them from using your event hashtag.

Can the prints have our names/brand/logo on them?

Absolutely! Our designers would love to work with you to customize any aspect of your event. Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas and we'll put together a custom quote!

Can we brand the #Printstation as well?

Roger. Our design team can help you create custom designs and signage to add even more exposure for you or your brand! Prices vary, and at least eight weeks is needed before the event.

What size are the printed photos?

The photos print on 4x6 inch studio quality paper. Plenty of room for branding and a large photo.

Is there a limit to how many photos we can print?

You can print as many photos as you would like during the time you have the #Printstation hired for! If you would like to print multiple copies or reprints on demand, we offer this as an option for an additional charge. 

Does the #Printstation need to be connected to the internet?

It does. We bring our own mobile hotspot to connect to, but ask that we are able to connect to the venue WIFI as well, just in case.

Guests will need to be connected to the internet on their smartphones to upload or message their photos as well. We recommend a bit of signage with the WIFI information, which we'd be happy to help you with.

Will the #Printstation work if my account is set to private?

No. In order for our software to find your awesome selfie, your account must be set as public.


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